In an effort to become more clear-minded and creative, I have started reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Every morning after kickboxing class, I write three pages of whatever comes to my head in a notebook I bought for this purpose. The point is to release all the junk from your head onto paper and have more room for creativity in your head. I have been doing it for about three weeks and I already feel better. Part of the book is indulging in an “artist’s date” with yourself once a week. On Sunday, I had a great one–I started with a run by the river, then went to Cafe Intermezzo and had a Suisse Mokka (coffee with chocolate) and a Tiramisu. Then to the High Museum to see the American Photography exhibit, then in the Woodruff to see a film called “Hanna’s Sleeping Dogs.” These photos are unedited.