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After the Paris attacks on November 13, the city of Brussels has been on high alert with the suspicion that they were the next big target. The city set up checkpoints and barriers at major  points of entry in order to secure the safety of residents.

After a three month search for the Paris attackers, Belgian and French police arrested Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in the attack, four days ago. As this came as a a bit of relief to Europe, Brussels was completely blindsided when two bombs went off at the airport and one bomb at the metro station near the EU headquarters exploded during rush hour this Tuesday morning.

One suicide bomber hit the Zaventem airport, shattering glass and ceiling panels near the departure gates. There was another explosion at the airport, but as of now we do not know much.

The city of Brussels is on lockdown, with normal business and train transit suspended.

It is unclear at this moment if the attacks are related to the arrest of Abdeslam.