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you are lovelyMarch has been pouring down upon us here in Atlanta, and spring break is right around the corner (which, by the way, is WAY better as a teacher than a student!)

Lately I have had a craving for Middle Eastern food. I am not sure if it is because I can feel the warm weather creeping in, making my stomach yearn for light, flavorful veggies, or if it is because it’s been too long since I have had a good pita with hummus. Either way, ethnic food is a gateway to the travel addiction, and here are some of my favorite food blogs and vlogs to wet your appetite.

My students watched Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods: Syria episode, and I love watching their reactions at all the foreign food he eats. Some kids swear that they will never eat camel meat, some kids act brave and say they will, while the drama queens turn around in their seat and want to puke.

My favorite reaction, however, was at the end of the episode, a student said “Syria seems like it’s a nice place. Why do we always say it’s such a horrible place and that we should never go there because of terrorists?”

Of course, Zimmern’s episode was filmed before the vicious civil war that is ripping apart the country now, but she had a light bulb moment that I wanted all of my students to have in terms of travel and culture. I want them to understand that not all foreigners or Muslims are terrorists and not all places that are deemed “horrible” on media are terrible places to go. I want them to be open to different cultures, and travel as much as they can.

I went into education to inspire wanderlust, and if I can reach one kid (which most of the time I do…reach only one kid), and infect them with the travel bug, I hope they become a global citizen and help the refugees and solve problems that are plaguing our world.

*There is so much more emotion behind my thoughts on Syria, which will be saved for a later post. For now, let’s just enjoy Wanderlust Wednesday.


Photo from Kzie Blog with a GREAT post on Syria and its history!


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There is much work needed to be done in the world and I am doing what I can but it will never be enough. The current conflict in Syria is happening today–in this day and age–and over here in America we have people like Trump running for leadership and the KKK endorsing him. In Syria, people are starving, they are being stripped from their homes, and sent to completely foreign countries. Human rights are violated and this country is too distracted with “making America great again” (which, hoping to offend, WTF does that even mean?! If it’s not completely racist and backwards, then what is it?!)

That being said, keep Syria in your thoughts as a place of warm welcomes and great food, and continue making the world quietly more beautiful.

bisous xoxo