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WylandDestination: Myanmar.

I recently went to synagogue where the Rabbi told a story of how his brother has traveled all over the world and seen corners of the Earth that are not even on our radar. This included scoping out temples in Myanmar, beautiful southeast Asian architecture, waiting to be stumbled across by a lucky traveler.

The brother walked up the Temple stairs, and each statue on the way up had a fresh flower in its hand. Someone had gone up there before, placed a flower in each hand,not knowing if it would be enjoyed by someone.

The Rabbi’s brother wrote “I am here, in Myanmar, realizing that there are so many people who are quietly making the world more beautiful.”

I thought that was so profound and poetic, and it really does apply to most people these days. With the rise of social media and entertainment, there are people out there who are doing charity work or little things each day to help make the world more beautiful, without the credit.

Myanmar has never truly been on my radar, but recently I have had this nagging feeling to go. Maybe because it is full of history and cultural identity crises, or maybe because it is more authentic than two weeks at the beach in Tahiti.

I love Gamin Traveler’s “Travel Myanmar in a low budget: a real travel guide” because it is general enough that you don’t feel like your whole trip is planned, but it has enough comprehensive information to get you started.

I am loving this post by Jewel Abroad “Girls who travel are better” because WE ARE! By travelling, we learn more than we ever could through a television set or on the radio. We don’t settle for anything, and we know who we are. We are making the world more beautiful.

Don’t be shy or modest, I want to know how YOU are making the world quietly more beautiful. Leave a link to a post, a simple comment, or a photo.

Keep on making the world lovely,