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It’s snowing, which means every Atlanta citizen is running to Kroger right now to buy bread and milk–the two things that will go bad first if your power goes out–before anyone else can buy bread or milk. But if you are looking for something else to do before you rush to the store, try these:

1. Follow Atlanta city’s government on Twitter @cityofATL, because they are the ones really freaking out.

With tweets like “Check on your neighbor” and “Be home by 4pm,” Big Brother does NOT want a repeat of 2014.

2. Been meaning to Netflix and chill? Literally, do it.

Grab a blanket and some coffee, and check out Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You can binge–you’re snowed in and no one can judge you.

3. Read an actual book.

Let’s be real, with the snow in the air and a winter storm coming, the power will go out at some point. It’s a great time to open the curtains and let the snow shine in while you read that book that you got for your birthday four years ago.

4. Whatever you do, stay off 285.

Just don’t do it.

5. Walk to Waffle House.

Waffle House is obviously the best thing that ever happened to America, especially because they have an “emergency menu.” Yes, you read that correctly. Waffle House has not been closed for over 20 years, not even during the last Snowpocalypse. They have ways of cooking, even when the power goes out, so hungry Atlantans can still eat a hearty American breakfast during natural disasters.

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Stay safe ATL!