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From the creators of South Park, the latest musical comedy lights up the stage at the fabulous Fox Theatre for the second time in Atlanta. The Book of Mormon onstage from January 12th-24th, is worth every penny. If you still want to see it, grab last minute tickets from StubHub.com (that’s what we did–and it was a little cheaper than the original price!)


Thought musicals were a thing of your grandfather’s era? The Book of Mormon changes that. This one spins musical theatre upside down, making offensive jokes, using explicit language, and pays mocking homages to the great musicals before our time. In the generation of Netflix and OnDemand, entertainment is not hard to come by. However, entertainment this continuously funny and relevant is incredibly difficult to find. I laughed from beginning to end, and I was invested in the characters. The music itself was brilliant, featuring a rock ballad, a few duets, and large scale ensemble pieces.

I want to write so much more, but I don’t want to ruin any of the jokes! It really is that funny!

Musicals are not just for old, rich people. Theatre is a reflection of the values of society at the time, and while The Book of Mormon is hilarious, it reflects our values in shocking ways. For example, our two lead characters end up on a mission in Uganda, where poor really means having absolutely nothing. Through jokes and songs, the audience is reminded of how hilarious our “first world problems” are, and how we can learn something from being thrown out of our comfort zone.

I want to note that their dramaturg, the person whose job it is to check all the facts of the piece, did a marvelous job. Before the play, the stage is set with the universe and various planets. During the play, they make no mention of this, but Mormons believe that after you die, you get your own planet, which is why the set is made of little ones at the beginning. Only if you had done your research, you would know this, which is why I am so impressed. There are subtle hints to the actual book of Mormon like this all throughout the play. For example, in the Mormon hell scene, there are coffee cups dancing around, due to the fact that Mormons can’t drink caffeine.

What really made the joke come full circle however, is the fact that the real life Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints bought at least three ads in the program that say “The Book is better,” with a smiling model, full page.

If you have not seen it and you don’t get offended easily, go see The Book of Mormon at the Fabulous Fox Theatre before it closes this weekend!

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