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How did I not know about Canva before?! This should have been something that I knew about when I was a journalism major! How have all my designer friends kept this amazing app a secret for so long?

Canva makes it so easy to design beautiful little boxes. Take a look at my design here.


Look fancy? It’s not. I literally made this for FREE by clicking. And dragging. And dropping. It took me literally 30 seconds. It’s taking me longer to write this blog post than it was to make that image.

No photoshop or Creative Cloud. A free online account.


I am seriously questioning everything in life right now.

Thank you my favorite Facebook group, Newbie Coder Warehouse, for all your infinite resources and wisdom.

Also, I love this quote. In yoga, the idea is to try and be in life without fear or desire. Fear and desire go hand in hand, and this quote eloquently tells you to cast away your fears, and go on that adventure.

Part of me doesn’t like to sleep because I love being alive. I love my cats, I love Andrew, I love learning, I love my new house, I love creating my yoga business, I love coding.

And now I love Canva. And Mark Twain.