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Teaching students how to be mindful has become a huge deal in education lately. Teachers are having their students do mindful exercises in the classroom in an effort to calm their brains and learn more.

However, what about the teachers? Where are they getting their mindful practices? The school and state is not paying for yoga classes or meditation retreats for educators. How do teachers make it through the craziness of the year?

Here’s your answer: We don’t. We are constantly having anxiety about our lesson plans, or how a student is going to behave tomorrow, or the parent that can’t help their child raise their grade because they “don’t know what is going on in class.”

It is winter break, and since the end of first semester, I have not been able to sleep or breathe right because I am so anxious about 5 more months of teaching.

It is not just me–Andrew has been the same and my colleagues have been the same, I am sure.

This is not remotely fair. Do normal people have this kind of stress about their day jobs?

In an effort to regain some sanity, I am going to commit myself to 365 days of yoga. I have noticed a difference in my mental health after yoga class, and even just after 20 minutes of yoga at home with Do You Yoga. The benefits of yoga are numerous, including clarity of the mind, open heart, and flexibility in body and mind. So basically by the end of this year, I will be a jedi.

Recently, I have fallen in love with John’s Creek Yoga studio. Their studio is amazing, filled with the scent of burning sage or lavender, the lights are off, and there is light green and blue paint on the walls, which are naturally calming colors. Their instructors are phenomenal, particularly Sonya, who talks you through each pose and corrects alignment, but still manages to keep the spirituality of the practice by being quiet at the right times and saying a meditation at the end. After her hour and a half basics class, I am floating out the door.

I wish I lived closer so that I could get to the studio every day. Teachers, how do survive the year mentally? Do you do yoga? Do you meditate? What do you do?