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I’m going to be real honest about this blog. I have no clue what I want it to be. It started as a travel blog, but with a teacher’s salary and happy ties to home, travel has become a rare opportunity.

Then I started learning how to code and fell in love with the blogs of Skillcrush and Laurence Bradford, aching to have the time to create websites and excellent blog posts and instagram accounts and tweet about things and build my portfolio–but there is seriously not enough time. I know that people say “if you want to do it, you’ll make time!” but those people have clearly never taught full time in a title 1 public high school.

So travel and coding fell off the audience for this blog. Which brings me to education.

Education is truly my passion. Thanks to all of my fabulous teachers, and especially those that taught me how to teach (shout out Cynthia Alby and Annie Jomphe!), I have become the person and teacher that I am today. Every day is a challenge on its own, every moment is a tough decision, every child is a project.

However, people always get really pissed when you write about education. Everyone always thinks they know better than those who are fighting at the front lines. And to be completely honest, I am so beat at the end of the school week, that I do not even want to think about school. Sometimes my stories will come out tainted with emotion, or sometimes it was a “don’t test me” moment and on paper it will make me sound like bitch–which of course no one wants on their personal blog.

So that sort of rules out education. (I’m still thinking about it, but on this blog? Not sure.)

Then I started living and breathing yoga and mindfulness. Thanks Erin Motz for my daily morning routine! But it is hard to write about yoga, especially as such a newbie. And besides, what does that have to do with travel and education? Maybe everything, but to an audience, probably nothing. I don’t want it to seem totally random, but I would still like to write about it.

Which brings me to saying that this is a “lifestyle” blog which is just so general that I could write about anything.

Whatever. “Lifestyle” blog it is. It doesn’t have fancy SEO or a great business plan but I guess that is just not what I need right now. I would LOVE to get there one day, but in the meantime, I’ll be here. I am here for your museum reviews, your quick city guides, your honest opinion on the ever-evolving education system, and rants about politics.


This is my friend’s dog, Baylor, dressed like a shark at a Sharknado 2 viewing party about a year and a half ago. It just goes to show that you can be whoever you want to be, and still be savoring life as you like.

So I deem myself Rachel: the kids’ yoga instructor, part time clean eater, full time appreciator of Andrew Henke, passionate teacher, sporadic blogger, a spiritual Jew, and newbie coder. Enchantée.