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Life is full of happiness, and tragedy. Confidence and doubt. It is a perfect blend of yin and yang, and every person finds their balance in their own way. In the end, we are all searching for happiness. We make decisions that change our lives, not always in the way we expect, and we find ourselves through this journey.

Searching for happiness is not a new concept. People have strived for happiness for as long as we have understood the concept. Some people make themselves miserable looking for happiness, others come to the end of their journey to find that they were happy all along.

In the fast paced, media driven day and age, we are told what makes us happy. A product or a life change will make everything better, and your life worth it.

What makes a person truly happy? What perfect blend of yin and yang make you happy and present in the moment?

The pursuit of happiness and each individual human perspective have always fascinated me. I want to know what makes YOU happy, and I realize it is not the same for everyone. This is my “Happiness Project.” I want to highlight one person each week about their search for happiness. Through this project, I hope to learn more about the people around me, all over the world.

If you are interested in being part of the “Happiness Project.” please copy and paste the answers below into an email message (with your own personal answers) and send them to Rachel.c.moldovan@gmail.com.

Readers from abroad, I would LOVE to hear from you. Even if I do not know you that well, I want you to try this. Especially fellow travel bloggers–we are all searching for happiness and I want your perspective.

Answer as many or as little questions as you want. If you naturally cover one of the questions in a previous question, just make a note. Pictures, videos, links to your own blogs or websites are encouraged!

The Happiness Project




What is your family background and heritage? Be as specific as you want.

Are you proud of your family heritage?

What is your definition of happiness?

What is your current way of making money? And what parts of it do you enjoy?

Where you are in your life right now, what moments of the day make you happy?

What times of your life have been the happiest?

What is your passion?

What people in your life make you happy?

What decisions have you made that lead you on the pursuit of happiness?

How do you/did you grasp at happiness?

Think of a small moment in your life where you were the most happy. What made you so happy?

What in your life hinders your happiness?

Take a step outside of yourself. Would someone looking in on your life think you are happy? Why?

Please email your responses and any images or videos you would like to share to Rachel.c.moldovan@gmail.com. Feel free to share with family and friends. I look forward to learning about your pursuit of happiness!