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Day 2: Saturday May 26

We got an earlier start this morning, getting out of the flat around 9:30am, and made our way to the Hill of Lycabettus. We walked, and walked and walked some more to find that more walking awaited us on the dirt paths that led straight up the hill, the tallest hill in Athens. What is special about it is that there is a church at the very tip top, and once at the top, you can see the whole city of Athens, including the magnificence of the Acropolis and all the other Greek ruins.

We walked past the University and attempted to go into a building that a bunch of students were taking a guided tour of, but the old security guard came up to us, with his hands behind his back, and stared at us for a while before I smiled. He muttered something in Greek and then basically shoved us out the door and shut it behind us.

The rest of the day was a bit of a write off though because we tried to go to the beach, thinking that if we take the metro right to the port Pieaus, then we would be there. Wrong, very wrong.

So we returned to Mostriki square for a declicious Greek meal and returned for some much needed rest.

Day 3: Sunday May 27, 2012

Missed the alarm this morning and slept right through the morning, which after we walked all the way to the New Acropolis Museum and got in for free AGAIN. It was worth our time, though a bit smaller than I thought. My favorite part about it was that they found more ruins while digging to make the building, and the architects made a design to show the ruins and archeological site through glass in the ground, so we were walking right on top of it.

After grabbing a bite to eat and some overpriced iced coffee (café freddo) at the Museum, we tried to make it to the Olympeion archeological site where the Temple of Zeus is, but couldn’t enter, as everything closes at three. Then we walked all the way to the National Archeological Museum, which we found closed as well.

As usual to finish the day, we went and had a fabulous Greek meal, complete with rich, strong, Greek coffee.