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Unfortunately, I have been having some issues with my computer so I can’t upload pictures, which is why I have not been updating so much. But during the Easter break, I planned on hiding in my room while Lausanne was cold and rainy all week, until Valérie called me up and said “Let’s go to Ticino tomorrow!” So, my break was filled with a whole part of Switzerland I never thought I would make it to…

LUGANO, Switzerland: After a five hour train ride and raiding the tourist office, Valérie and I arrived at our youth hostel which was a 25minute bus ride away in Figino, to fine that we were in the beautiful mountains and fresh air of the Italian part of Switzerland: Ticino. The next day we took the bus back to Lugano and walked the entirety of the boardwalk of the Lago di Lugano (creative name, right?) which was a clear, clean blue with the large Alps surrounding it on all sides.

It really didn’t seem like a real place–everyone speaking Italian and toeing and froeing from Swiss German or French for the tourists, the city itself impeccably clean and really nice cars everywhere. The sun was shining, lucky for us, and the parks were picture perfect. We unfortunately spent a half hour and 8francs at the Cantonal Museum which was a sad waste of time because the exhibit was a bit morose…

LOCARNO, Switzerland: I don’t recommend staying in Locarno for more than a day, or a half day, because frankly there is nothing to do except swim (and unfortunately for us it was raining.) But in the summer there will be the “Moon and Stars” Film festival that apparently is a must-go for Switzerland.

BELLINZONA, Switzerland: This city is a medieval town with three huge castles still in tact from when they were first built. This is my favorite city that we visited–there is so much to see! We arrived there Saturday morning to find a market with fresh cheese and bread and vegetables lining the street under blue and red striped cloth stands. Around us, real life castles surrounded the city as if the Alps didn’t make us feel small enough.