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I know I have not been writing a lot lately–but I can explain! I was backpacking through Europe all of January and most of February, giving myself a day to recuperate before the first day of classes. Then, I had to go to as many classes I can and see if they are interesting or too much work (the system here lets you “try out” classes–you don’t actually register until four weeks into the semester), then on top of that I have my extracurriculars like learning lines for a play and making posters for the non-profit organization I am a part of. And THEN I have time to enjoy my exchange experience with my friends and travelling.

But now I finally have a moment to write.

But what to write? Everything I want to write now seems shallow or shouldn’t be posted on the internet. How can I make words eloquent when I have no idea whether I am thinking in English anymore?

Don’t worry about me–I am fine! I promise to write about the healthy models on the cover of French magazines, or how my world has expanded all the way to Japan thanks to Nozomi.

But for now, please post here if there is something specific you want to hear about or write me an email.