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The sky was such a clear blue that it didn’t seem real, the air was so cold that it penetrated through all my layers and into my bones. The experience was simply a liberating shot of adrenaline

Last Friday night four friends and I caught the 7pm train to Luzern. Our plan for Saturday morning: Paragliding. But it was raining, so Nozomi and Tessa made a てるてる坊主 (teruteru-bouzu) doll that if stays right side up, it will bring sun, but if he is turned upside down, there will be great storms. We took turns holding him and when we arrived at our hostel, we placed him right next to the window so he could bring sun to us, and we could paraglide.

"Hi mom, remember when you said to call you AFTER I did anything crazy?"


And てるてる坊主 worked magic! The next morning the sky was so clear and the wind was perfect for flying.

.We all took turns, and Katherine and I went first. It seemed like we were in the air for 5 minutes–it was addicting, I wanted more! And I want to go again. Once you do something like that and enjoy it, it makes it difficult to never do it again.