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Lausanne has a cinema where they show select films by Swiss directors in a small theatre that replicates an era when talkies were first a big deal. I felt so glamorous, with all my fabulous friends, going to the cinema in a big fancy European building. It was indeed a good evening.

The film we watched dealt with a rather heavy subject. It was a documentary about a person who photographs war and poverty for a career. To hear about the film, please see this post: War Photographer.
The film was really well made, it really made its point and got the audience to think. After the film, we were treated to a three course meal, starting with a salad with a crêpe, then moving onto pasta, and finishing with three different flavored mini crême brulées.

However, the big culture shock of the evening was when I looked down at my place and saw two forks and two knives. Why did I need more than one of each? As one of my European friends kindly pointed out that I use the ones on the outside first–I didn’t realize I looked so confused.

Food, friends, film, coffee.