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Say Americans are stupid one more time and I guarantee Chuck Norris will pull a roundhouse kick on your ass.

I am American. I have blood and ancestry from the Iberian peninsula, the Caribbean, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe. I am not one nationality, I am not one identity. When people ask what my nationality is, I hesitate. Do I tell them that I am Cuban-Italian-Hungarian-Basque or do I simply say American?

America is where a beautiful blend of cultures can thrive and because of this, we have our own unique culture that is influenced by all cultures that we come into contact with. In my hometown, I can practice Korean at my high school with my friends or I could go to Starbucks and listen to all the different Spanish speakers with their Latin American accents. Then I could go down the street and grab some Sushi on my way to my Broadway style dance lesson. And on the weekends, I could attend an Indian birthday party and enjoy a French breakfast with my Cuban grandfather. Where else in the world could I possibly come into so many cultures from around the globe? No where–not at this extremity. Yes, Europe is multi-cultural, but not as accepting and not as diverse as the American life.

So what really defines American culture? Chinese take-away food? No–that’s Chinese. What about family dinners taken at my favorite Mexican restaurant? No–that is considered Mexican, isn’t it? Or how about the plethora of techno music made by European DJ’s that they play in clubs? Go on–someone tell me that Americans are “uncultured.” Okay, so the first time I ever saw an electric kettle was in Switzerland. But my French roommates saw cloth slippers for the first time when my mother sent them to me. Does this make us “uncultured?”

Yes there are stupid Americans. But there are stupid people everywhere. A Finnish girl told me the other day that some people think Finland is one of the States of America. A Chinese boy told me that some Europeans don’t know where Shanghai is.

You can’t deem an entire country “ignorant” especially with 312,634,405 people(U.S. Census Bureau) of which most are international immigrants or have parents who were international immigrants.

Globalization is happening whether we like it or not. We are all influenced by each other, and I like it that way. My childhood would have been meaningless without the Spice Girls and my huge obsession with Pokémon. Now my obsessions are Harry Potter, Miyazaki films, and Fair trade business. I came to Switzerland to learn French, I participate in Model United Nations, I take Spanish class for fun. I go out and meet people, I push myself out of my comfort zone. And I refuse to accept that people think I am “uncultured” simply because I am American, because that, my friends, is bullshit.