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So remember the sick feeling of my University fail?

Well turns out that it was not a fail.

Apparently, we missed the point of what we were supposed to present (which is funny because in America, that would have made us fail…) because we got carried away with the interesting information and not the useful information.

Well that was such a relief!

We continued to talk about what could have been better about the presentation and she kept saying “If I tell you that you can come talk to me before you present, it means I want you to come talk to me.” I didn’t understand this before, now I really know that she really wanted us to come to her and get help.

I told her that in America, we just present and we either pass or fail, whether the professor helped us or not.

She replied with “That’s crazy–that’s like if I handed you keys to a car and told you to start driving.”

I laughed quite a bit at that–because that’s exactly how Americans learn to drive.