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This weekend I escaped to what is considered “the most expensive city in the world” right now: Zurich.

Zurich is different from Lausanne in many ways. First, they speak German. We tried to speak in French with the ticket people at museums but they would say “German or English.” This surprised me because all the French-speaking Swiss speak German, why do the German-speaking Swiss not speak French?

We grabbed the 7:15pm train (for free with a Voie 7 card) on Friday from Lausanne, and traveled only two hours across Switzerland to Zurich. Saturday we walked around the Landesmuseum, which is way too big and has so many artifacts of Swiss history, then we went on a beautiful boat ride along the perimeter of the city, and then my favorite: the Kunsthaus (art house). Sunday, everything was closed so we ended up walking around the Old Town and taking pictures of everything. Some of us even stopped by their “Occupy” movement.

It is difficult to describe an entire weekend of travel in one post–the emotional ups and downs, the exhaustion, the small realizations about yourself and others, the shock that you are actually seeing a Monet painting in person–it all goes by so fast.

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