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What does most of the world think of when they think Switzerland? Banks. Money. Gringotts.

And the Zurichois take that opportunity to bring the “Occupy” movement to Switzerland.

As we walked into Paradeplatz, the big square in Zurich with all the banks, chalk started dusting up our shoes and the air had an excited, rebellious energy to it. It took me a few minutes to realize that the chalk was written in front of Credit Suisse and the phrases they were using were in German, but I got the general meaning was “we are members of the planet, we are 99%.”

It is really interesting to see that the Occupy movement has sprouted in Switzerland. Honestly, I am still a little confused about what the Occupy movement really wants as an end goal, but the fact that they are so passionate about the issue is admirable. What is really interesting is that at this Occupy camp, they had signs about what they were about in at least seven different languages. And they had fake American dollars rather than Swiss francs–are they upset about the American economy or their own?

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In my opinion, the Occupy movement really needs more of a direction. What are they about, really? Is it an opportunity for extreme leftists to get their foot in the door? Has it become the “Anti Tea party?” And why is Switzerland so concerned while their economy is doing the best of not only their bigger, European nations surrounding them, but most countries in the world?

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