Yes–I payed to see a band that plays nothing but air guitar. But it was so much fun.

Airnadette is a famous French comedy group that has made a name for themselves by creating a character and then making a mix of songs, choreographing around their characters, and being completely entertaining. It is funny, because when people go to acting school or dance school, they don’t think “Oh, one day I would like to be part of an air guitar group,” but why not?

They had perfect acting skills and stayed in character the entire time, they were professional (for what it was), and they put on a good show (even though I am pretty sure I saw them taking swigs of beer at intermission.)

It was crazy and completely funny–even though most of the songs they lip-synced were French classics I had never heard of, I still got to go up on stage at the end of the show. Which was funny as well–they dragged us up on stage and then cheered us on as they stood in the audience.

Honestly, seeing Airnadette was one of weirdest, but still amusing, experiences I have had. Here is this group of crazy French people rocking out like they are dancing in their room for over an hour–it was a little messed up to say the least. But this is still art–who is not an artist these days? Their idea to entertain in this fashion is brilliant!