I know I have not written at all this week, and I apologize! This past week I had two tests, saw Airnadette live in concert (which I will do a whole post about), went to the oldest Abby in Switzerland, and then relaxed in thermal baths while snow capped mountains surrounded me on all sides.

This week was stressful and exhausting, but at the same time completely fabulous and rewarding. Attending university classes in a language that I am not fluent in is really difficult, but by the end of the week, I can communicate more and more. Everyday I understand more, and have to use my dictionary less. And every time that I do not understand a phrase, I lose confidence, and feel like a foreigner all over again. It is a vicious cycle.

“You have to build the language,” my roommate said to me the other day. This comment is perfect. I forget that I can’t just soak up a whole language in a week, or month, or a year, but really I must take what I know and build on top of that.

I am in French classes with moms and former ambassadors and law students, and we all are building our French skills at the same rate. It is humbling to be one of the youngest in the class, but empowering at the same time. I have my whole life to “build” as I want it, and learning French is my springboard.

I will do more posts later tonight–with pictures of course! Bisous!