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Living on Lac Léman has its apparent perks, and being thirty minutes away from France is one of them! Yesterday morning a few friends and I hopped on a ferry that motored directly across the lake from Lausanne, Switzerland straight to the small town of Evian les Bains, France.

Yes, the city of Evian is where Evian water comes from, and there is a fascinating story behind it. The fountain itself isn’t as flashy as I hoped it would be, but the water that comes from it is pure. The legend says that a man who was running from the French revolution, suffering from liver problems, drank from St. Catherine’s Spring (the Evian fountain), and claimed that his health improved. Today, the superstition that this water has healing powers continues–locals bring crates of big empty bottles to fill up in the fountain and take home to their family. I love that this legend still thrives among the people of Evian–it holds a sort of magic that can’t be found in Santa Clause or Hogwarts, but a real magic, the kind people and history create together.

One of the best things about Evian though, is that it is not in Switzerland and food is not crazy expensive! We arrived at Evian, had chocolate crêpes with ice cream, walked for ten minutes, sat down and ate again (sugar waffles and coffee), then walked to the Franprix supermarket where we went crazy buying food that costs twice as much in Switzerland. In the end, essentially we went to France to eat and shop!

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