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University classes here in Lausanne are difficult–much more so than in the States. I actually have to work at school for the second time in my life (the first time was seventh grade math class–if I failed then my father would have disowned me). I am constantly flipping through my paperback pocket English-French dictionary to understand what my professor is talking about, and then I go home and flip through it some  more to do my homework.

It seems like half the time I am studying, I am actually just searching for words in my dictionary! This is when I wish I had one of these:

This is a tiny electronic pocket dictionary that translates from Japanese to French and vice-versa, but it is also possible to upload other dictionaries like Chinese-French, English-Russian, etc. It has a touch screen, a full keyboard of the English alphabet as well as Japanese kanji, and it will also say the word aloud if you ask it to. This little invention is perfect for learning languages with a different alphabet from your mother tongue and it works fast–I wish I could justify spending the money on a French-English one!

It is almost not even fair–my friend Hinako just pulls this out of her bag and has a perfect translation in one second while I am still trying to find the page in my own dictionary.