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WHOA! So a lot has happened since I last wrote! I have been taking exams to test my level of French, I got over my cold by this Japanese couch medicine that is powder, I went to an International Student party where everyone I have met so far joined me (including Jérôme and his friends), and seen Montreux and Vevey–two cities in Switzerland that are only about 20 minutes away from Lausanne.

Vevey is beautiful–it is so family oriented and quiet with the beach right there next to the park. It is the kind of city that someone would take a person to on a first date if they really wanted to impress. Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out before I got there, so I guess I will have to make another trip!

Montreux was interesting–the main tourist point is the Château de Chillon, which is made famous by Lord Byron’s poem recounting the story of Francois Bonivard’s captivity in the prison of the castle. The castle itself may look tiny on the outside, but it is huge on the inside. I think we spent about three hours in there! Montreux is also where Charlie Chaplin and Freddie Mercury retired to, and the city has statues of both. The city is also famous for its Jazz festival in July. And forgive all the “peace signs” we are making in the pictures–apparently that is cool in Japan!

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