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First of all, there will be many parts to this post because I will be here all year.

Second of all, Lausanne is beautiful. My apartment house sits right on Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) where there is a small port and you can see straight over the lake at the Alps surrounding it. Again, pictures do not do this city justice.The Lake is perfectly clear scattered with small sailboats and a few ferrys. The Alps are huge–you have to see it to believe it–they are incredibly majestic and scary, and its still summer. I can’t imagine how amazing they will be in the winter covered with snow.

Lausanne is wonderful! I have four roommates–one Chinese guy named Felix who is incredibly nice and getting his Master’s in Architecture. He speaks Chinese, English and French, so we communicate in a mixture of Franglais. Another one is a freshman student from Paris, and the other two I have not met yet.

My building is a bit odd–everything is glass and you can see everyone and what their doing in the building next door, but in your room you have complete privacy. There is no air conditioning here, and in Switzerland they are very into being eco friendly and sustainable development, so all the windows in the main room are open, and I walked in to see a real bird sitting on the table. I jumped and it flew out. Later that night, Felix warned me not to put fruit on the table because the birds will all come into the apartment.

Felix made me a “welcome dinner” because he has been alone in the apartment for the past three weeks and I was the first to arrive. He made traditional Chinese food which was FABULOUS.

Unfortunately, I am still a bit jetlagged and exhausted! I want to get over it asap…