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My last post definitely did not do Paris justice, and I believe that no amount of writing or pictures can describe the feel and sights of the city, or any city.

First of all, the people amaze me. They are so open about their culture and how their life just is the way it is–it is so admirable. What was very cool, was that the President of Rwanda came to Paris for a government trip, and a bunch of the French people marched through the streets wanting the President of Rwanda arrested for war crimes. I left my table in the café to go take pictures, but the French people who were not involved in the march paid no attention to it and looked at me like I was a weirdo for taking pictures. It is very clear that the people of the city like to have their own voice of what happens in the country.

When you are actually in Paris, the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is prettier than you see in movies, the architecture and history of Notre Dame is more powerful, the Mona Lisa more anti-climactic (because its so small), all because it”s real. You are there–everything is in 3-D. The song of the French language flows through your ears from everywhere, with the bass sound of sirens and cars. It’s exciting, the city itself breathes smoky air and longs to tell of its rich past. I cannot describe the city of Paris to you in one short blog post, and pictures cannot capture the essence of the grandeur of this city.

For those who have been, how would you describe Paris in one word?

For those who haven’t, how would you describe Paris in one word?