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Tallahassee is one of the hottest cities in the world. And not because of their #5 ranked football team (Go ‘Noles!) or that it is home to one of the biggest and best universities in the nation, but because the temperature gets up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit!

Front Campus at FSU

On Wednesday, my mother, my sister Gaby, and I packed all Gaby’s things in the huge Suburban truck, that is littered with long white hair from the dog, and we drove for five hours from our home in Georgia to Tallahassee, Florida. We arrived in the dark, in a city that none of us knew, and our handheld GPS had rightfully been named “Kate the cursed” because she couldn’t ever get us going in the right direction. We finally arrived at our hotel and all three of us were a mess and half.

The next day, we moved Gaby into her new apartment. I was so jealous because this apartment is nicer than any college housing I have ever had, and the only

We got lost a lot...

reason she gets to live there is because she forgot to sign up for campus housing. Her charmed life does not stop there–because she is one of the best actors that ever graced the freshman auditions for the theater program at Florida State University, she was invited to speak at her own freshman convocation. Yes–she stood at a podium in front of 11,000 freshman, who will soon be her peers, (or what seemed like it) and spoke right alongside the Dean and President of the university and the author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. My parents and I were so nervous for her when we saw how many people were there–but she got on stage and acted like she was the Queen of Florida.

Tallahassee itself is a really pretty place. The campuses of FSU and FAMU take up a big portion of the city, and the architecture of both are glorious. The Strozier Library is home to the first double-sided Starbucks in the world, which apparently is a big deal. As the capital of Florida, you think it would have a beach but it does not–if you are looking for a beach, Tallahassee is not the place to go, but if you are college searching, aching for a good football game with a lot of team spirit and a good night on the town, Talahassee should be your Florida city-of-choice.